1. B

    58563 and 58558

    Good morning! We have had an OB/GYN to join our family practice. While we have coded and billed for deliveries (including c-sections) we have never had experience in coding and billing any other GYN surgeries. This morning, I came across a situation that I am fairly certain cannot be billed...
  2. F

    Versapoint Polypectomy

    Hi, I'm billing for a Polypectomy with Versapoint. Would I still use 58558?
  3. J

    question regarding hysteroscopy and iud removal

    Can you bill 58558 and 58301 together?
  4. L

    Hysteroscopy D&C

    Patient had a missed Abortion and we performed 59820 on 11/9/15. Patient had several episodes of heavy bleeding following this. We then performed a Hysteroscopy D&C would I use 58558 with modifier 78 or do I use the 59160?