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    Wiki 64640 vs 64999 for a saphenous nerve rfa

    Hi, Our provider performed a left saphenous nerve radiofrequency ablation. However, in his op notes, he states the radiofrequency was performed for 60 seconds at 60 degrees Celsius. I know CPT guidelines state the following: "Do not report 64633, 64634, 64635, 64636 for non-thermal facet joint...
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    Wiki Genicular Cooled Rhizotomy 64640

    Hello, I will be working shortly with a new physician who currently performs these procedures (Genicular cooled rhizotomy - medialis, lateral and saphenous nerve). I have seen many of these deny for experimental. Can anyone give me a rough idea of which insurance companies will pay for this...
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    Wiki 64640 or 64999

    My doctor is wanting to do a RFA of the coccyx. I am leaning toward this being a 64999 instead of a 64640. Does anyone have support for which code is correct??
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    Wiki Left Greater Trochanter RFA Question

    Hello, I was wondering if you can help me with this one. The patient had a left greater trochanter RFA. Lesioning was performed in 4 quadrants by repositioning the needle in the 12, 6,9 and 3 o'clock positions. Would this be 64640 x 1 or 64640 x 4? Thank you! Melissa Harris, CPC The Albany...