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    Question Opinion if wording should be changed

    The doctor said he did a bilateral myringotomy with tympanostomy tube placement. I wanted to get an opinion about the bold line in the following op report: The right ear was initially examined using the operating microscope. Cerumen was removed with a curette. Using a myringotomy knife, an...
  2. H

    69620 and 69436

    With 69436 being a column 2 code for 69620, would it be appropriate to add modifier XU or 59 to 69436? TIA Once an adequate level of anesthesia was achieved, the patient's head was turned and the left ear was examined using the operating microscope and cerumen was cleaned with a cerumen...
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    ICD-10-CM for bilateral ear tube placement for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

    Hello, I have a patient that is having bilateral ear tubes-to prevent any problems with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The patient does not have any otorrhea, vertigo, subjective hearing loss, or tinnitus. No recent URI. I was thinking of Z40.8 but I am not sure. The patient has Medicare...
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    Using modifier 59 with RT and LT

    I have a doctor who bills for tubes as: 69436, RT 69436, LT, 59 At a seminar he just attended, he was told that he doesn't need the 59 since they are marked RT and LT. Is this true? He was told that this would "red flag" the claim.:confused: