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    90460 and 90461 Reimbursement issues

    We are having issue with immunization admin procedures 90460 and 90461, Florida Medicaid HMOs (Better health, Sunshine, Molina health, Wellcare/staywell Amerigroup etc) keep denying 90460 and 90461 with the reason as unlisted procedures in Medicaid fee schedule. All vaccines are getting paid...
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    vaccine counseling documentation

    Can anyone tell me if this documentation is sufficient for billing 90460 imm admin w/ counseling? HIB vaccine 90648 Counseling by: providers name MD It doesn't seem sufficient to me but the people I work with feel it is.
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    Vaccine admin codes HELP PLEASE!!

    If a patient comes in and only sees the nurse for shots & they hand them a sheet about the vaccines, would this be enough to qualify as counseling to support using 90460 instead of 90471?