1. B

    90471, 90649 vs 96372

    When a patient requests a Gardasil immunization, the patient picks it up directly from the pharmacy. The patient picks up ONE dose of the vaccines, brings it to our office, and our MD injects the patient. Some in our office are billing 96372 w/ Z23. I recently billed out the 90471 alone and it...
  2. Rebecca Pate

    90471 denials

    We are getting denials for CPT code 90471 from everyone. The denial states "Not eligible due to the patient's age". The patient is 23 years old, and got the HPV vaccine (90649). I have never seen this denial before. Have there been changes made that I am not aware of? Any help would be...
  3. S

    Billing two injection codes 96372/90471

    Hi All, I am hoping someone can assist me with this coding scenario. I have a patient that received Vitamin B12 shot and zoster vaccine (shingles). Can we bill 96372 for the B12 and 90471 for the vaccine? Or do eat one...if so, which one should be billed in this case? Please help!
  4. L

    Denials on 90471 from Medicare Advantage plans

    Good afternoon everyone, Has anyone, working as a FQHC, received any denials from Medicare Advantage plans for immune administration code 90471?? We have 28 denials where they state the procedure code is invalid. There are 2 different scenarios where we got denied. 1. Patient came in to...
  5. S

    Vaccine admin codes HELP PLEASE!!

    If a patient comes in and only sees the nurse for shots & they hand them a sheet about the vaccines, would this be enough to qualify as counseling to support using 90460 instead of 90471?