1. M

    Wiki CBT 97129, 97130 vs 90832,34,&37

    Hello, I am trying to determine what the most appropriate code selection would be for cognitive behavioral therapy. I have a few clinicians and coders who are saying 97129 and 97130 would be more appropriate then codes 90832,90834,90837. I personally think CBT is a form of psychcotherapy...
  2. A

    Wiki Psychotherapy codes question

    Can an MD, who is not a Psychiatrist, use psychotherapy codes? Ex. 90832
  3. Walker22

    Wiki Psychotherapy Billing For Medicare

    I work for a small psychotherapy provider who just became credentialed with Medicare (Palmetto GBA). Our first batch of claims were all denied with CO-16, MA130, & N290. We billed CPT 90832 with no modifier in POS 11. I suspect that I am either missing a modifier, or there is a G code I'm...
  4. S

    Wiki 90834-90837 billed with 90853 group

    Has anyone had success billing Individual psychotherapy and group therapy together on same dos? They are CCI edits, but a modifier is allowed. The group I just started working for is scheduling these on different days due to the edit, but I want to tell them that they will pay if they use a...
  5. A

    Wiki bill psychotherapy codes before assessment?

    The behavioral health providers at our clinic asked me how many times they can bill 90832 psychotherapy before an assessment 90791 is required. They think that they can bill up to 4 sessions before they complete an assessment. I cannot find any coding/billing information to support this idea...