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    Wiki SUD OP billing

    Please help... We have started doing family therapy and education groups at our facility but the insurance companies don't want to pay for both H0026 & 90846 in the same day. Does anyone have any suggestions for how else we can bill these? Also for billing 90853 does anyone know what type of...
  2. J

    Wiki Inpatient 90846

    I have an inpatient psychologist that wants to provide family psychotherapy w/o patient 90846 (patient is an infant in the NICU) to the mother. What dx should they use? Do they dx the mother? The provider wants to use the infants medical condition as the reason for the 90846, but i dont think it...
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    Wiki Inpatient 90846 & 90847

    Hello, I'm a professional fee coder for a behavioral health group. Around 09/01/18, insurances have been denying inpatient 90846 & 90847 as 'invalid place of service.' Has anyone else ran into this or does anyone have further information? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks...
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    Wiki 90846 family psychotherapy without pt present

    Does anybody know the guidelines for cpt 90846 family psychotherapy without patient present? Does the patient still have to come in, get vitals, etc to be able to bill the insurance or can just the parents come in? I know Medicare requires a face-to-face visit to be able to bill them but I'm...