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    Wiki Group Psychotherapy Visits

    I work for a facility that frequently bills multiple, separate psychotherapy group visits per day for the same individual. For example, the patient attends a group visit at 10 am and will return later in the day for another meeting. Sometimes it's with the same facilitator and sometimes it's...
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    Wiki 90853 - can LCDC provide this service

    Our facility is based out of Texas and I am trying to find out if anyone else bills out 90853 under a LCDC license. I am particularly having issues with UBH/Optum. They have just started denying us for our groups under this particular license. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    Wiki SUD OP billing

    Please help... We have started doing family therapy and education groups at our facility but the insurance companies don't want to pay for both H0026 & 90846 in the same day. Does anyone have any suggestions for how else we can bill these? Also for billing 90853 does anyone know what type of...
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    Wiki Extended Group therapy Code?

    Hello, I just started a new job at a Behavioral Health Organization. I have been trying to help them improve upon their coding. One thing I haven't been able to find, is a good code to use for 2 hour group therapy session. It is not family members, groups are around 10 people, and they are...
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    Wiki 90834-90837 billed with 90853 group

    Has anyone had success billing Individual psychotherapy and group therapy together on same dos? They are CCI edits, but a modifier is allowed. The group I just started working for is scheduling these on different days due to the edit, but I want to tell them that they will pay if they use a...
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    Wiki 90837 vs 90853

    I have a few questions about billing individual counseling vs group. I have recently been told that group therapy gets billed by units (1 unit per 15 minutes of group counseling) I had thought it was simply 90853 for group and 90837 Individual. Any insight?