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    Preparation of sublingual allergy drops?

    Hello, I am new to allergy-related coding. We bill 95165 for the preparation of allergy vials for injection. Can 95165 also be billed for the preparation of allergy serum for sublingual drops? This clinic has been billing 95199 for the preparation of the drops and the patient self-paying...
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    Allergy/Immunotherapy- Office Visits with Allergy Injections and Modifier 25

    Good afternoon, 1. If a patient is coming in for a pre-scheduled allergy injection 95115, 95165 only is a 99212 appropriate? 2. If a patient comes in for a 99212,95117, 95165 and a modifier 25 is put on the claim is this correct? 3. Chief compliant says Allergy Injection 4. If Asthma...
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    Allergy immunotherapy vials 95165

    Our allergist prepares her own immunotherapy vials for her patients' allergy shots. We bill out CPT 95165 for the professional preparation of multi-dose vials. Many of our patients have multiple allergies so the antigens are mixed in several separate vials (it's not possible to put it all...