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    site requirement for 96372

    Before I start a fire storm at new job, is the site required for documenting an injection? At previous it was as in..injection to left deltoid, patient was observed 5 minutes no adverse reaction..here it's just typically stated as intermuscular and that's all Thanks in advance!
  2. C

    Can I bill 96732 3 times for the same injection for the same exact drug/dosage.

    Hello: Nucala (J2182) has a new indication that requires 3 injections (96372/96401) at the same time in slightly different areas (arm, butt, thigh - any or all). All 3 injections are exactly the same (I have been billing for a singular injection for their original indication). I can bill the...
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    Billing e/m code for ob visit with anesthesiologist

    Our anesthesia group has been asked to meet with obstetrical patients with high BMI's in the their 1st trimester. They will decide if they are too high risk to delivery at our facility. I was asked if we could bill for these visits. If they document in the medical record can I bill for the...
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    90471, 90649 vs 96372

    When a patient requests a Gardasil immunization, the patient picks it up directly from the pharmacy. The patient picks up ONE dose of the vaccines, brings it to our office, and our MD injects the patient. Some in our office are billing 96372 w/ Z23. I recently billed out the 90471 alone and it...
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    Multiple IM's (CPT 96372) given at the same time in the ER

    Hello, Can someone please let me know if we are allowed to charge for multiple IM's given at the same time but documented in different sites? I know it technically couldn't happen but it would be due to nurse documentation. For example: Ativan IM Right Arm at 15:00 Ketorolac IM Left Arm at 15:00
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    Can you bill 96372 if done by ma

    We have patients come in for injections, ie: B12, Depo... if they come in just for the injection and it is given by a MA and the patient doesn't see a provider, can we still bill for the admin 96372? The question was raised in our office that in order for us to bill a "nurse visit" the nurse...
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    Billing two injection codes 96372/90471

    Hi All, I am hoping someone can assist me with this coding scenario. I have a patient that received Vitamin B12 shot and zoster vaccine (shingles). Can we bill 96372 for the B12 and 90471 for the vaccine? Or do eat one...if so, which one should be billed in this case? Please help!
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    96372 with purchased medication

    Has anyone had success billing 96372 (Therapeutic, prophylactic, or diagnostic injection) and the injection with a zero charge to Medicare? Are you getting paid or am I missing something in the process? Any and all advice is welcome!!!:) Example: 96371 x 1 $27.00 J1630 x 1 $0.00
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    96372 Injection

    We have a patient with this request: Dilaudid as 1 injection (Site: L upper arm), Promethazine as 1 injection (Site: L hip), Toradol, dexamethasone, and Diphenhydramine as 1 mixed injection (Site: R hip) Normally, the doctor would mix all of the above medications and give 1 injection into the...
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    Lupron Injection admin

    Lupron Injection for endometrosis amin 96372 or 96402?
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    96372 following anesthesia

    Anesthesia Resources What are your most reliable resources for information when you have coding questions?
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    July 1st eff. CCI edits for E/M & 96372?

    Does anyone know the correct way to append modifiers for the following codes: 99214, 96372, J1040 & J1100? We have been adding modifier 25 to the E/M code for years and this has been correct, but it has now changed effective 07/01/2010 per Regence (BCBS) with the new CCI edits. Regence is...
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    Patient Brings Own Meds to Outpatient Dept

    We are provider based... which means that we are considered an outpatient deparment of the hospital instead of place of service office. This also means that we cannot charge the same way as office because our charges go on a UB paid from Part B. That being said, if a patient brings their own...