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    Question 99232

    Another coder recently told me that 99232 can be used if the patient has 3 stable diagnosis with at least one of the diagnosis being treated with drug management. I have never heard of this before and cannot find it anywhere in the CPT book or the encoder I use. Has anyone else ever heard of...
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    Wiki subsequent orthopedic inpatient visits, i. 99231, 99232

    I am an orthopedic coder needing some clarification. A patient is initially seen in the ED with a femoral neck fracture and the ED provider is requesting Ortho consultation; a hospitalist accepts them as an admit. The Ortho provider consults and determines that the patient needs to be taken to...
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    What code to use after 90972 for follow-up services with same doctor

    I am seeking guidance on which code to use the day(s) after 90792 for a follow-up with the same doctor that did the 90792. We were once instructed to use 90791 for the follow-up and now that I've helped my supervisor to understand that this is not appropriate, I'm having a hard time figuring out...