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    Wiki 71045 and 74018

    Has anyone noticed with the new for 2018 chest and abdomen x-ray single view codes that they hit a bundling edit? There is a CCI edit based on "HCPCS/CPT procedure code definition". It does say a modifier can be used, but we're still thinking the edit is in error as these are 2 distinct body...
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    Wiki colectomy without colostomy or anastamosis

    I have surgeon who did an open procedure on a patient who had two perforations in the colon, one in the descending and the other in the simoid. Surgeon divided the colon just distal to the sigmoid and proximal to the descending but left the patient open with a ABThera wound vac. No Anastamosis...
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    Wiki Removal of Spleen and suture of mesentery

    Can both the removal of the spleen (38100) and suture of the mesentery (44850) be coded??? is a 55-year-old gentleman who underwent pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple procedure yesterday 11/05/2015). He initially remained stable, but then developed hypotensive episodes and clinical evidence of...
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    Wiki Exploratory lap with lysis of adhesion help

    Hi guys Dr performed exploratory lap with lysis of adhesions but he only temp closed the abdomen with wound vac because he wanted to have a second look in 24 hours. So the next day he brought the patient in again and did another exploratory lap with closure of the abdomen. would I code day one...
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    Wiki non-healing surgical wound ICD-10

    Can someone please tell me the proper codes for a non-healing surgical wound of the abdomen? There is active treatment, so is it T8189XA? What other codes should I code? open wound of abdomen? what are the injury codes?
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    Wiki ICD-10-CM for Open Abdomen

    One of my surgeons has a patient who was referred to him for management of his open abdomen. The patient was seen by another surgeon for repair of a ruptured AAA with massive retroperitoneal hemorrhage which resulted in abdominal compartment syndrome. The first surgeon left the abdomen open...