1. E

    Would the foster care diagnosis code (Z62.21) be considered a 'abnormal finding'

    Hello I code and bill for a group of pediatricians and we see a fair amount of foster care children. A question came up asking if a well child visit with abnormal findings can substantiate "abnormal" within a visit if the child is from foster care. Previously I thought most codes in the R70-R94...
  2. J

    Abnormal Diagnostic Findings

    Patient had a CT scan done which showed bowel wall thickening, the doctor documented colitis stating the etiology could be infectious or ischemic. Do I code for the Colitis, Unspecified? K52.9 or would I code for the Abnormal finding R93.3?
  3. aimeeread

    Elevated INR for patient NOT on anti-coagulation therapy

    How would you code elevated INR for a patient not on anti-coagulants? I've indexed "abnormal" and "elevated" both and can't come up with anything that I am happy with. R79.1 (abnormal coagulation profile) is about as close as I've come...but, there is no mention of the INR in the tabular notes...
  4. M

    Wellness Exams

    I have several providers in my office who use the diagnosis of Z00.00 (Encounter for general adult medical examination without abnormal findings), then they proceed to code additional diagnoses such as M27.2 (Inflammatory conditions of jaws) and/or E03.8 (Other specified hypothyroidism). I...
  5. M

    Abnormal mammogram

    Im horrible at second guessing myself on these things... I have an operative report where a patient comes in for surgery. The pre operative diagnosis is abnormal mammogram, right breast (793.80?) and the post operative diagnosis was infiltrating ductal Carcinoma, right breast (233.0?) weary...
  6. B

    Wiki Abnormal Liver Function Tests

    :)I work in a Family Practice where we post charges for patients with abnormal blood liver function tests usually after being on cholestrol meds or alcohol. We are caught up on two different codes: 794.8 and 790.5. We were told to use 794.8. What does everyone think?? Thanks for any input!!:)