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    Wiki Why was I marked wrong? (Practicode Case ID: OPD7339)

    The documentation: Why is the abscess not coded?
  2. Z

    Wiki ICD-10-CM dx code for aortic root abscess?

    Does anyone know the 2021 ICD-10-CM diagnosis code for "aortic root abscess?" I can't find anything looking in the 2021 ICD-10-CM book alphabetic index under "abscess" or "aortic root" or "aorta." I'd appreciate any help you all can give me. Thank you! Zofia Mashchak, CPC
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    Wiki Infratemporal space abscess?

    I'm having a hard time settling on a code for this procedure. I&D of infratemporal space abscess via trans oral approach PT had dental extraction of right 2nd and 3rd molars. Later, presented to ED with facial swelling, CT showed abscess lateral to maxilla extending into infratemporal fossa...
  4. A

    Wiki Need Help with parapharyngeal abscess!

    Doctor said he did a procedure for incision and drainage of parapharyngeal abscess. But in the procedure details it says there was no drainage and no abscess found. Below is the op report: Procedure: Incision and drainage of parapharyngeal abscess Procedure details: Patient was taken to...
  5. A

    Wiki Incision and Drainage of sublingual abscess

    The doctor did an incision and drainage on 2 sublingual abscess. Does cpt code 41005 include multiple abscesses and only need to be reported once or since there were 2 do I report 41005 twice? Thanks!
  6. A

    Wiki I&D or Puncture Aspiration

    The doctor did a consult for a patient and in the plan it says "Opened left upper lip pustule with 22 gauge needle at bedside, expressed approximately 1-2cc of pus, sent for culture." I'm going back and for between codes 10060 I&D of abscess and 10160 puncture aspiration of abscess because I...
  7. C

    Wiki clarification of 10140 vs 10060

    This has been a long-standing question here, and I hope someone on the forum has the answer: Since 10060/10061 are specifically for I&D of "abscess," does that mean that if a cyst is not abscessed, you should use 10140 for I&D of cyst?
  8. C

    Wiki 10160 vs 49406

    Hello All, hoping someone can assist i have IR providers who do a drainage via YUEH catheter of peritoneal abscess but they remove the catheter following the procedure so normally this would be coded to 10160 but for CMS Medicare they are denying this because of the LCD in place- the dx does...
  9. Y

    Wiki Help CPT Assignment of 49204

    Hello, We were wondering what CPT you would assign, with the following description of procedure. DESCRIPTION OF PROCEDURE: Dr. Gyn attention was then turned to the patient's abdomen and a 5 mm infraumbilical incision was made with a scalpel. The 5-mm trocar and scope were inserted in this...
  10. A

    Wiki breast abscess help!!!

    Need helping coding this one! Patient had breast reduction in 2004. We are seeing her now in home health. The doctor is stating that "apparently fat necrosis in the right breast following reduction mammoplasty becoming abscess". Would you still take it to the post operative abscess code or just...
  11. A

    Wiki Incision & drainage w/ debridement of ankle abscess

    I'm leaning towards 10061 for this operative note, since he incised and drained and did not specify deep into subc or muscle as in 27603. Physician also did some debridement of necrotic/fatty tissue. I'm really stuck on what's best CPT per his report. PROCEDURE PERFORMED: 1. Incision and...
  12. riverloverjen38@yahoo.com

    Wiki I&D of Abscess

    Hello. I have a question. I am a little confused on if I should be billing 10060 or 10061 for a single abscess with packing. The ED physician documented that he gave local anesthesia, cut open the abscess with a blade, broke up the loculations with hemostats, used Iodoform packing to pack the...
  13. J

    Wiki I&D Scrotal Abscess

    PROCEDURES IN-OFFICE: SURGEON: Emily White FNP FINDINGS AND PROCEDURE: Patient was placed in a supine position. Patient has a scrotal abscess. The area was prepped and draped. The abscess was incised, purulent material drained, and the cavity was irrigated with sterile water. Incision was...