accounts receivable

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    Wiki Energetic CPB with 10+ years experience in various position within the medical field (Orlando)

    Hello! I am seeking an AR position in the Orlando area. I have extensive experience with patient care coordination and front desk operations, as well as professional customer service training. My billing experience includes, but is not limited to, insurance verification/authorization, posting...
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    Wiki Aging A/R and duplicate billing

    I have just come on board with a practice who has struggled with billing and am working on recovering as much of their aging A/R as possible. After 2 months of working on the AR (there's about .5 mil in total), the provider is frustrated that more hasn't been done. I initially explained that to...
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    Wiki CPC-a looking for remote coding CPT heavy or Florida Hospital Flagler loc.

    I am newly certified, but have 25 years experience in accounting, auditing, management and improving efficiency/accuracy of employees. I am looking for a remote position that I can perform days/nights/weekends, either 1 full time or multiple part time/contract positions. If I cannot get remote...