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    Developmental Pediatric Testing 96110, 96111, 96127

    Looking for some advise on coding these services. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there on the internet that is more recently updated. My providers administer test such as ASQ, KSEALS, MCHAT, CARS, GARS, ADOS, STAT, Vanderbilts, CBCLSCQ, Capute Scales, ect. and I am having a...
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    ADD/ADHD Consults

    I had a meeting with my providers and a question came up about when they have add/adhd evaluations. They wanted to know if they are allowed to charge a 99213 even though they did not exam the patient. I told them let me get some advice and I will let you know. I thought about it last night and I...
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    ICD-10 Inpatient facility R/O and H/x

    I work for residential behavioral health facility that serves children and adolescents. I am not sure how to code "rule out" and "history off". For example I have on my summary report history of ADHD or R/O ADHD. Is the F90.9 correct code for both scenarios ? Please help me :)