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    Wiki Bladder Flap Adhesion's

    I need some help with coding a procedure. I have coded 58660, but my coding is being questioned. I am being told I should have coded 49329 due to the adhesion's being bladder flap adhesion's, so I really need a 2nd opinion. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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    Wiki Modifier 57 - abdominal adhesions

    Pt having 58720 and during surgery realized that the pt had dense pelvic and abdominal adhesions. They used 58720-57 and 58740. I am not sure that modifier 57 is correct. Lysis of adhesions is usually an included procedure unless it adds significant additional work. The notes state that they...
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    Wiki Help needed for codes for this surgery!!

    My surgeon did a surgery which appears to be a co-surgery with the GYN. The patient had a large mass that was attached to the colon, as well as the ovary. They both have documented their portions. The following is my surgeon's portion. If someone could look at this and help me with some codes...
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    Wiki Post-circumcision penile adhesions

    Can someone please help me determine ICD-10 code(s) for post-circumcision penile adhesions?