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    Non-medicare initial inpatient admissions

    Good morning, Generally speaking (and per Medicare), the reporting date for the admission service (99221-99223) is the date the visit actually occurs. I work in a pediatric hospital so we see a lot of commercial patient and hardly any Medicare patients. We do see a lot of Medicaid patients...
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    Billing initial inpatient admissions from same specialty

    Can you bill an initial inpatient admission code when an attending provider from the same specialty of the admitting provider sees the patient? (Does this vary per insurance carrier?) Example: Dr. John from urology admits the patient (via order) at 1pm after the resident sees the patient. Dr...
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    Inpatient Admission and initial contact by admitting physician

    Our coding compliance manager has some of my coworkers and I perplexed. She is stating that if an admission occurs before midnight, let's say at 11:30pm, and the admitting physician sees the patient after midnight, let's say 12:05am, then we cannot bill an initial inpatient admission code...
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    Duration Of Mechanical Vent for ICD10-PCS

    If a patient is intubated in the field and comes to the ED, placed on the ventilator in ED and later admitted, when do you count the start of the ventilator time? Coding clinic states that if the patient is intubated PTA, the start time for counting duration is the time of admission. Is that...
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    Patient was seen in office 2/1 labs drawn office visit and injections billed, lab calls at end of day with critcal lab values and patient is called to told to present to ER for admission, patient waits until 2/2 and comes back to office and JUST picks up admission orders, physician does not see...
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    professional billing- admission date matching the facility's admission date

    Hi, I am trying to find supporting documentation (mainly from CMS) that it is or is not a requirement that the admission date we use matches the facility's admission date. We are hospitalists that bill for the professional components. So if we do an H&P on 1/26/2016 and use admit date 1/26/2016...