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    Wiki Low birth weight code being denied

    I have a patient that was born prematurely and was coming in for weight checks to monitor growth. The physician is still using the P07.10 code even though the patient is gaining weight because they are still below normal. The patient is now 3 months old and we are getting denied for...
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    Wiki Wellness Exams

    I have several providers in my office who use the diagnosis of Z00.00 (Encounter for general adult medical examination without abnormal findings), then they proceed to code additional diagnoses such as M27.2 (Inflammatory conditions of jaws) and/or E03.8 (Other specified hypothyroidism). I...
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    Wiki Abuse Codes

    Hello, I am mental not able to handle the abuse codes. For some reason they are driving me mad! I can't make heads or tails what I am sure is a very simple explanation. I am hoping someone has a link or a tip that will help me. Is this correct? Abuse VICTIM CONFIRMED - T74 Abuse VICTIM...