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    Wiki Inpatient Coding questions

    Hi there, I am a relatively new inpatient coder at a large hospital. Sometimes I just want a message forum to ask coding questions (about specific codes, or about the coding process or hypotheticals). What message forum should I ask these questions? Right here in General Discussion? Inpatient...
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    Wiki Assignment - HIM Interview

    Hello, I am currently attending the University of Cincinnati for my Bachelor's in Health Information Management. I need to interview a healthcare professional involved in contract management for payment services - manage care contracts, commercial insurance contracts, or contract personnel such...
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    Wiki Looking for an experienced CPC coder for our West Hills, CA location

    Hello, We are looking for an experienced Medical Coder with a CPC or AHIMA certification for our West Hills, CA location. If you are interested, please email your resume to carlie.a.gil@questdiagnostics.com