1. KStaten

    Question Are Medicare's Guidelines for E/M CPT Codes the same as AMA's?

    Hello, Everyone. :) I would greatly appreciate it if you could please share documentation that shows how "closely" Medicare bases its guidelines in comparison to AMA's rules/ guidelines regarding levels for E/M-- specifically, the MDM table. 😐 It has recently been suggested to me that the rules...
  2. morganscott

    Question AMA in the ED

    When a patient leaves AMA (against medical advice), can an E/M level be applied? Can you bill for ED charts when a patient leaves AMA? (Critical Access Hospital)
  3. J

    Proposed fee schedule 2022 & other fun summer reading material

    Good morning, Just a heads up that the proposed rule for 2022 is out and includes - among other things - proposed new guidelines for critical care services and split/shared in the facility setting, more on telehealth and of course a preview of the new codes (Table 13). The comment period for...
  4. J

    AMA Pre, Intra, Post Service Times

    Hello, Does anyone happen to have the a link to the AMA Pre, Intra, Post Service times for procedures and EM services? I know that this is put out by the AMA RUC Committee and is used by CMS for RBRVS, but cannot find the actual document that contains these times. I have tried to email the...
  5. B

    Advanced Maternal Age

    Hello, If a patient is 35 years of age but the provider doesn't pull in the AMA diagnosis and doesn't document the advanced age as a concern can you still list the diagnosis because the patient is age 35 or older? Or do you leave it off because the provider hasn't documented it. Thanks in...
  6. B

    Medical Impairment Due To Erectile Dysfunction

    I am looking for AMA guidelines on how to determine the percentage of medical impairment due to erectile dysfunction for worker's comp. Does anyone know of somewhere these guidelines are published? I have searched the internet but the closest I got was a link to the AMA book regarding medical...
  7. J

    Genicular Nerve Rhizotomy

    I have a Medicare patient and verifying 64640 billed once or 3 times??? (superomedial, inferomedial and superolateral) Per AMA 11/15 regarding just the block 64450 bill one time only Thanks for any updated info! Jamie
  8. S

    Creating a new CPT code

    Hello, All! Today I spoke w/ a man who offers a medical "product" for our weight loss clinic. He asked me about billing, and what he needs to do to have his particular product become something that insurance will pay for. I explained to him that all medical goods and services have a CPT...