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    Wiki Anemia and Diverticulitis

    I need help with the principal diagnosis for an inpatient chart. The patient presented from the nursing home to evaluate the anemia. Anemia was documented all throughout the progress notes as possibly due to acute blood loss. Blood transfusions were done as well as several diagnostic exams...
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    Wiki IV Iron (Dextran) in Physician Office location

    Hi there - has anyone been having difficulties obtain authorizations or payment for IV Iron (Dextran) Infusions for patients that with iron deficient anemia status post gastric bypass surgery for obesity? ICD10 D50.8 Z98.84 How do you charge? A NP says that they use Venofer? Thank you...
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    Wiki Anemia or Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

    Hi! I'm still coding with ICD9. I don't know which one I should code, Anemia Vitamin B-12 (281.1) or Vitamin B-12 Deficiency (266.2). Problem List : Vitamin B-12 Deficiency (Non-Anemic), Past Medical History : Anemia (B-12), Medication :Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) injection once a month. I...
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    Wiki Secondary anemia due to menorrhagia

    How would we code secondary anemia due to Menorrhagia Patient is having excessive bleeding with menstrual cycle and developed anemia. I think it should be coded N92.0 and D64.9. Can you please advise if this is correct way to code this? Thanks
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    Wiki Anemia sequencing

    In what order would dx be sequenced for a patient w/malignancy and anemia. How should should documentation read?
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    Wiki Anemia associated with MDS - how do you code?

    Documentation states: "Anemia associated with MDS" How do you code? A) 285.29 and 238.75 B) 285.9 and 238.75 C) 285.22 and 238.75