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    Wiki Billing for CRNA performing Aline or CVP

    Our CRNA's are employed the hospital and while working under Medical Direction of our attending Anesthesiologist, they may need to perform supplemental procedures such as Aline insertion or CVP's, which I understand fall under the medical direction guidelines as part of the entire anesthesia...
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    Wiki 2 Anesthesiologists, 1 Case

    When one anesthesiologist of the same group takes over for another anesthesiologist, the case can be billed in one of two ways; provider who started the case or the one with the most time spent on the case. Taking a poll to see which one is the preferred method. Thanks for your responses.
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    Wiki Anesthesia Split Between Two Providers

    If one anesthesiologist (MD) is coding 01214 for 60 min then relieved by another anesthesiologist (MD) and they document 30 minutes, how is that coded? Do you take into consideration that base units of 01214 for each doctor and then add the extra units for time? Thank you for your help