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    Wiki Ankle fractures

    I need some assistance with some ankle fracture coding. In my experience I have always been told to code fractures based on diagnosis. So if there is a bimalleolar ankle fracture then you code with a bimalleolar CPT code. If it a trimalleolar ankle fracture then you use a trimalleolar CPT code...
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    Wiki Pilon vs Trimalleolar Fx

    Good morning! I need some help in deciding if this is a Pilon Fx-27828- and ankle dislocation with IF-27848- (per what the doctor is requesting) or if this should be coded as a trimalleolar ORIF. I've gone back and forth with this any help or advice will be appreciate....below is the OP note...
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    Wiki triple arthrodesis w/ tibiotalar and fibulotalar fusion vs. Mutiple midtarsal fusion with tibiotalar, and fibulotalar fusion

    I have some questions on how to approach a recent revision that my podiatrist performed. Below is a breakdown of what was performed. Please note that this is a revision procedure and hardware was removed (20680). Ankle fusion -K-wire fixation of the subtalar joint (anterior approach) that...
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    Wiki Walking boot for ankle sprain denied as "routine"?

    Hello, We gave a patient a Walking Boot with the sprained ankle diagnosis and UHC is denying this as "not covered when considered routine". I am attempting to appeal this but I'm not sure why this would be even considered routine on their part? Has anyone had experience with this? Thank you !
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    Wiki Podiatry Surgery - Open repair of Talus fracture with Brostrom repair ankle

    Need help from Podiatry Surgery Coders: Billed 28445 with 27698. Both codes were denied by Medicaid as not being documented (but it is in the notes) 29898, 20600 and 76000 were paid. Description of the Procedure absolutely describes the op procedure repairing the Talus. Does anyone have any...
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    Wiki sequela of fracture or pain code?

    I'm uncertain whether to code sequela of fracture or just pain code (provider's dx) for this encounter. Does the provider need to clearly state that the pain is a result of an injury to use the sequela code, or is the information below enough to support that it is (or am I making an assumption)...
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    Wiki Ankle Fracture with Sprain

    Hello, Just wanted to see what is the proper way to code the following: Patient fractures medical malleolus and has an ankle sprain (both occurred at the same time, same ankle). Would code everything under the fracture care or would you code the fracture under a fracture care code and the...
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    Wiki Ankle Capsular Release

    Need some help please :) One of my providers is doing and Achilles tendon lengthening and a capsular release. I have 27685 for the tendon lengthening, but am at a loss for the capsular release. Here is that part of the OP note: There was a significant amount of scar tissue around the subtalar...
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    Wiki Foot/Ankle Seminars

    I am looking for any foot & ankle seminars in the Phoenix area (or southern AZ) to attend. Anyone know of any? It should cover coding, anatomy etc Thanks! :cool: