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    Wiki Global Coding/Antepartum Care

    Very new to OB coding. Global codes always include antepartum, delivery, and postpartum, correct? So if a clinic only provides antepartum and postpartum care they shouldn't be billing global codes? They would bill E/M for 3 antepartum, 59425 for 1-3 antepartum, 59426 for 7+ antepartum, and...
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    Wiki BPP then NST with E/M and then routine Ob

    This is a group practice – MFM and OBgyn MFM specialist at ultrasound location with unique tax id. Office obgyn is billing at another location with a unique tax id. 1ST ULTRASOUND SITE Mfm specialist interprets BPP BPP score 6/8 -2 for no breathing Recommends NST 2ND OFFICE FOR NST obgyn...
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    Wiki Antepartum, Delivery, and Postpartum Care Medicaid Billing

    Hello, I work for a large Ob-Gyn practice and we were looking to see how other large practices handle billing Medicaid antepartum, delivery, and postpartum care. For example: We have a patient who we provided antepartum care by various providers of the same group, delivery, and postpartum...
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    Wiki OBGYN Global vs. itemization question

    When we itemize out a patients antepartum care when they were seen less than 4-6 times, per coding guidelines, we would bill out an office visit per visit and any other services that were done at the time of service. Since global antepartum billing includes all services related to pregnancy...
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    Wiki Antepartum Care - Billing Outside the Global

    Can anyone provide clarification on what can be billed outside the global for antepartum care?
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    Wiki Antepartum, Delivery, and Postpartum Coding

    If the Antepartum and delivery were done but not the postpartum care then do you have to code the antepartum and delivery out separately? Do you end up waiting the 6 week postpartum period to bill out the antepartum and delivery then in order to know whether to code and bill with the group code...
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    Wiki Billing for Antepartum Care only

    Can anyone share information on Antepartum Billing for a multi provider practice? Specifically where there are 3 providers that see a patient for antepartum care, if there will not be a global charge billed, how would you determine who to assign the antepartum care to? In the past we have...
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    Wiki OB Coding in/out of package

    I have 2 providers in my office that see OB patients and we also work with two other outside physicians in a different office who use the same hospital for services. I know with Mainecare we need to split up the charges by billing each antepartum visit separately, billing for the delivery and...
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    Wiki OB Global Billing

    Hello Joan Smith started her insurance coverage shortly after she found out she was pregnant. Joan saw the same doctor throughout her pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. The catch is, Joan's health insurance covers antepartum and postpartum care, but imposes a preexisting condition...