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    Wiki APC (Ambulatory Payment Classifications)

    Hello all, I have a colleague who is trying to get a better working knowledge of the Ambulatory Payment Classification System. I was wondering if anybody who holds a COC could share with me to some good resources to better understand APCs and perhaps the formula for calculating APC payments...
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    Wiki Training on APCs

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a resource for some high-level training on APCs? I have a team of government audit coordinators - but they don't have a coding background. It would be helpful for them to have a high level, general understanding of how APCs work so they can understand better...
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    Wiki Looking for reliable software that estimates Medicare pricing

    I'm looking for software that will, as accurately as possible, estimate Medicare pricing for outpatient hospital and ASC claims when coding has been added; something similar to the CMS PC pricer for inpatient claims. Maybe an APC grouper. Does anyone have any resources where I can find...
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    Wiki Argon Plasma Coagulation

    I'm a little iffy on how to code a specific instance. In one procedure, a polyp was unable to be fully removed via the traditional snare method (45385) and required the doc to finish the removal by ablation via Argon Plasma Coagulation. Would coding the APC as ablation of a tumor, 45388...