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    Wiki Cpt code for epiglottopexy?

    I have been doing so much research on a code for epiglottopexy but I'm not having much success. I read that an epiglottopexy is done in a supraglottoplasty procedure. I usually use cpt code 31561 for a supraglottoplasty but I felt it may not be appropriate since it says laryngoscopy, direct...
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    Wiki Subglottic cysts

    The doctor did a CO2 laser ablation of subglottic cysts. The only code I can find is 31572 but it says laser ablation with lesion. So since it is a cyst and not a tumor can I still use this code? Or could this be inclusive with one of the other procedures. So far I have codes 31561 and 31528...