assistant at surgery

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    Question Multiple Assistants at Surgery

    I code for Cardiovascular Doctors. They use multiple assistants. If one assistant leaves the OR (for lunch, end of shift etc.) another assistant steps in to replace them. Their documentation meets all the requirements. We have never coded for multiple assistants. We code for the surgeon and...
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    Question Assistant at Surgery - Global Period

    I have a physician questioning if the global period applies to him when he was the "assistant at surgery". He feels that the global period does not apply when he is only the assistant and can bill for sub visits. I have researched this and I can't find anything "in writing". I am pretty...
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    Assistant at Surgery

    I have a hernia repair op report that includes this statement at the end -- Dr. xx "was first assistant providing exposure and help during the entire operation". Can I use modifier 80 for Dr. xx's role in the surgery? The procedure code allows an assist to be billed, just wondering if that...