1. KStaten

    Wiki How to Bill for An Assistant Surgeon in Athena?

    Hello, I need help, please! :) We just switched to Athena and I have already run into a question. (Well many, but this is the one at the moment.) In order to create a claim for an assistant/PA, our old system allowed us to clone the ticket and then make adjustments on the cloned ticket to...
  2. KStaten

    Wiki What is the BEST EMR System you have ever used?

    Hello Everyone! :) Just out of curiosity, what EMR system(s) do you prefer for outpatient coding (especially for orthopedic / neurological practices)? Pros and Cons would be great! :D Thank You in advance! Kim
  3. S

    Wiki Athena "Streamline" Feedback

    Hi I'm looking for ANY feedback regarding Athena's newest update Streamline. Anything is appreciated. Thanks