audio only

  1. C

    FQ & 93 Audio Only Modifiers

    Has anyone begun using audio only telehealth modifiers FQ & 93? It seems that 93 is for Medicare and FQ is for Commercial & Medicaid payers?
  2. lgardner

    Question Audio only telehealth visit - seen within 7 days prior

    hello fellow coders- I have a question, which I am not able to find the answer to (at least not as quickly as I'd like). for audio only telephone visits (99441-99443): "Telephone or audio-only evaluation and management services for new and established patients, cannot originate from a related...
  3. L

    Question Audio only-code descriptor question

    Hello, I am questioning the audio only codes 99441-99443. Since the pandemic there have been a lot of waivers, and leniencies. I have heard both sides in regards to code descriptor and struggling. Providers want to use these audio only codes as follow up visits without patient initiation, just...