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    Wiki Any help with coding this procedure would be appreciated.

    PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Right axillary exploration and capsulectomy. OPERATIVE FINDINGS: The patient had a well-defined seroma capsule extending from the lateral border of the pectoralis along the chest wall and up into the apex of the axilla. DETAILS OF PROCEDURE...
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    Wiki ? dx lymph node axillary region

    What dx code would you use for a lymph node in the exilary region? The report doesn't mention that it's enlarged.. Thanks!!
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    Wiki DX code help, por favor?

    Assessment: Solid mass underneath the left axillary area :( Can anyone give me advice on an appropriate code to use for this? The best I could come up with was 786.6 "Swelling, mass, or lump in chest" Localized swelling, mass, lump, trunk I'd feel better about using the code if it just...