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    Wiki Icd 10 for bcg treatments ?

    my doctor is insisting we code history of Z85.51 when administering BCG as this is for maintenance purposes. Am I wrong correcting him that the ICD 10 should be a current CA diagnosis as patient is still receiving a treatment for his CA? hoping I receive an answer today as he is in office...
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    Wiki BCG help

    We are in disagreement about which CPT code to use for BCG bladder instillation due to the wording in the description of CPT 51720, Bladder instillation of anticarcinogenic agent (including retention time). Our patients leave the facility immediately after the instillation. Should we use 51700...
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    Wiki Bcg

    We have a patient who cannot tolerate the full dosage of bcg. If we give him only 1/3 of the dose can we bill for the waste? He is a medicare patient. Thank you
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    Wiki Intravesical BCG ICD 9 code

    Should the ICD 9 Code for the Intravesical administration of BCG for Bladder CA be a V code or the code for the Bladder CA? I am ok with the CPT codes, but I am seeing mixed info for the ICD 9 code. Please, if anyone provides an answer, please provider a reference also. Appreciate the help.:;)