bilateral billing

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    Question When billing on one line bilaterally, is the price supposed to be doubled since we are billing bilateral?

    When billing bilaterally on one line, are we supposed to double the billed fee? Metaphorical example, if we are billing a line at $400.00 and the service reimburses/allows from insurance at $350.00 for one unit, and then the bilateral portion of the CPT would be paid/allowed half at $175.00...
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    Question bilateral carpal tunnel release 64721

    One of my surgeons are doing CTR on both wrists. I am unsure of how to correctly bill this code since bilateral is not allowed per the fee schedule. Can someone please help? I was thinking just to use 64721-RT, 64721-LT? Thanks.
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    Aetna breast cancer patient had delayed reconstruction so the doctor inserted bilateral implants. I coded 19342 with modifier 50 and aetna only paid for one side, do i need to bill with rt and lt modifiers to receive proper reimbursement? Bcbs pays with modifier 50. We don't have many aetna...
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    Medicare Bilateral Billing as Secondary

    I have a provider that bills her own claims to insurance, Medicare is secondary denying her claim as frequency of services. BCBS was primary. Our BCBS wants to see bilateral billing like this 644xxx, 644xxx-50. Medicare wants it all on one line. The claim already billed through BCBS with the...