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    Wiki Required Physician EXAM for future billable events?

    Hello, I'd like some input from the E/M experts. Our coders were given a directive that if the Physician does not perform a Physical exam on the Initial consultation OR any other established face to face visit such as a 'weekly status check' during course of treatment, then any and all follow...
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    Wiki Certified nurse practitioner vs Physician Assistant

    My private practice outpatient only internal medicine clinic needs to hire a physician extender in the Detroit Michigan area. Review of billing guidelines suggest that without physician direct supervision they both get reimbursed at 85% but a Physician assistant can see new medicare patients...
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    Wiki Interoffice procedure

    I have just started coding for a OB doctor who does interoffice procedures. He only states that this CPT code was completed with no other documentation. I am having trouble finding information which states the requirements for billing for a procedure. I am pretty sure it comes from Office of...
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    Wiki SCAT3 Screening

    Has anyone heard or been able to charge for the SCAT3 screening?
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    Wiki billable or inclusive

    Hi, all I hope you all are doing well. I am new to OB coding ……. Here one of my OB provider had billed 99213 with O20.0 for a routine antepartum visit. This claim got denied as not payable and stated it will be inclusive within global service (59400 or 59510) .which is going to be billed in...