billing a separate e/m

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    Patient was seen in our OR for EXCISION PILONIDAL CYST/SINUS COMPLICATED. The patient follows up weekly for wound care treatment. The wound clinic is in the same hospital as the OR and is being done by the same physician. The note states: "HPI: Patient presents to office for followup wound...
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    Subsequent Hospital Visit and Discharge Management on Same Day

    Need help on this please. Thanks! :) How should the physician bill if they provide subsequent hospital care visit before the patient dies on the same day? I know that physicians may not bill for both a hospital visit and hospital discharge management for the same date of service. Scenario: On...
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    95971 with a E/M visit

    (patient has VNS in place) If a patient comes in for a scheduled F/U due to seizures or parkinsons and the physician decides to interrigate his/her VNS, would a separate E/M be appropriate with modifier -25? -I am asking because I am assuming that the decision to check it would be considered...