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    Wiki Blood Pressure Monitoring Coding for Events/Home Visits

    Hello All, My question pertains to coding blood pressure monitoring on remote devices (non-digitally transmitting) for patients at health care events/in-home services. Since the health events are one time only I was thinking 99453 or 99454 would suffice. I see that the service must be ordered...
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    Wiki Blood Pressure Remote Monitoring from Home/Event

    Hello, Does anyone know what the best CPT code would be for a patient receiving a blood pressure screening (remote transmission or just a digital device logged) from a vendor in their home or at an health event that bills to their health plan? I've looked at this attachment below and 99474...
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    Wiki Code for levated BP no longer present.

    Code for elevated BP no longer present. Our provider saw a patient with elevated blood pressure without diagnosis of hypertension. At the follow-up visit the patient's BP was back to normal. What diagnosis code is used for the follow-up? I can't find any personal history codes related to...