1. K

    Help with coding for blood clot augmentation

    How would I code arthroscopic repair of lateral meniscus tear, right knee, with blood clot augmentation? My doctor has chosen 29882 with 20926. Would this be accurate?
  2. M

    Anemia or Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

    Hi! I'm still coding with ICD9. I don't know which one I should code, Anemia Vitamin B-12 (281.1) or Vitamin B-12 Deficiency (266.2). Problem List : Vitamin B-12 Deficiency (Non-Anemic), Past Medical History : Anemia (B-12), Medication :Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B-12) injection once a month. I...
  3. I

    Billing for Pathology and Labs HELP...

    Example: New PT comes in to practice with chest pain. Problem list is clean, due to PT being new to the practice. Dr. orders a series of blood tests, but has no diagnosis that meet medical necessity. Can the Dr. wait for Lab results to come in, to then assign a diagnosis that does meet medical...
  4. B

    Blood Pressure Check - Level 1 Office Visit

    For patient that would come in per a providers order for a blood pressure check, we charge a level one office visit. The nurse input notes in the EHR system with the reading. Now I am told we are not longer going to bill for this service. The nurses are still going to input notes into the EHR...
  5. T

    99211 hep c patient visit

    Can the nurse charge 99211 for established patients each time they come in for accessment and then sent off to lab for blood test? The lab is outside lab but patients come every so often see the nurse first.
  6. R

    Removal of Spleen and suture of mesentery

    Can both the removal of the spleen (38100) and suture of the mesentery (44850) be coded??? is a 55-year-old gentleman who underwent pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple procedure yesterday 11/05/2015). He initially remained stable, but then developed hypotensive episodes and clinical evidence of...
  7. C

    TPA (Activase) instilled into port unsuccessful declot

    A patient had Activase instilled into their port due to no blood return. After 1 hour the nurse tried to draw blood but was unsuccessful. The Activase is being charged but can we still charge 36593 or just 96523 since the nurse truly also flushed the port?
  8. M

    billing blood draw

    I work at an urgent care facility and we want to know if you can bill for a blood draw 36415 when you send the sample to another clinic to be run and if so do we need a modifier?
  9. B

    Wiki Abnormal Liver Function Tests

    :)I work in a Family Practice where we post charges for patients with abnormal blood liver function tests usually after being on cholestrol meds or alcohol. We are caught up on two different codes: 794.8 and 790.5. We were told to use 794.8. What does everyone think?? Thanks for any input!!:)