botox injection

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    Drug waste & -JW mod

    If a physician injects 6 units of a 100 unit single use Botox vial for Clonic hemifacial spasm, does 94 units have to be reported as waste with the modifier JW? Do all insurances pay the waste? Thanks in advance!
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    Question 31571 vs 64617

    I would like an opinion on this report to see which code would be better to use. At first I was thinking code 64617 but since it doesn't mention the image guidance by needle electromyography in the report, I wasn't sure is 31571 would be better. Here is the report: Procedure: Direct...
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    Question Botox for Migraines

    Surgeon is going to start doing therapeutic Botox injections for migraines. The injections will be 150 units in the neck. I have come up with J0585x150 and 64615 but cannot figure out the right DX code so BCBS will not reject the claim for not medically necessary.
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    Looking for someone that has experience with this procedure. How is it billed and do you find that commercial carriers cover it? We are looking at this procedure for treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome.
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    Question Billing Botox with Lesion Excision

    Hello, I am trying to figure out how to bill botox (for chronic migraine) with an eyelid lesion excision. Which modifier do I use to indicate two separate procedures done on the same day? I'm uncertain if I should be using -51 or -59. Thank you!!
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    Wiki 64611 and 76942

    The doctor did an ultrasound guided botox injection of the submandibular and parotid gland. I'm getting conflicting information as to whether or not I can code 64611 and 76942 together. Do I just code 64611 for the injection or do I also code 76942 for the ultrasound guidance? Thanks!