bowel anastomosis

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    Wiki repair of small intestine and anastomosis of small intestine to small intestine

    Ok I am stumped and possibly over thinking all of this. So The surgeon started out doing a diagnostic laparoscopy which turned into a laparotomy and resulted in multiple procedures with all three being caused by dense adhesions but in different ways and I am unsure if I have chosen the right CPT...
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    Wiki Bowel resection with anastomosis

    My General surgery providers want to know if they perform bowel resection with anastomosis, is it separately billable. One surgeon did the resection, and other surgeon did the anastomosis. Should this be billed as an assisting surgeon, or can it be billed separately? Is there a CPT code for...
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    Wiki Indocyanine green for bowel anastomosis

    Does anyone know what CPT code we can use for immunofluorescence angiography with indocyanine green for bowel anastomosis? 92240 is the only code we could find, but that is used in ophthalmology. Thank you!