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    Wiki Bowel resection with anastomosis

    My General surgery providers want to know if they perform bowel resection with anastomosis, is it separately billable. One surgeon did the resection, and other surgeon did the anastomosis. Should this be billed as an assisting surgeon, or can it be billed separately? Is there a CPT code for...
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    Wiki Narcotic Bowel Syndrome

    Has anyone coded this diagnosis in ICD 10 yet? Which code did you use? K58.9 or K63.89? I cannot find any documentation in the AHA resources. Thanks!
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    Wiki How to code for discontinues surgery

    During a recent attempt to perform a total laparoscopic hysterectomy, it was found that the trocar had perforated the bowel. A general surgeon was called in for consult, the hysterectomy was discontinued and the general surgeon proceeded with a bowel repair. Should I still bill 58571 with a...
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    Wiki On table colon lavage due to obstruction

    Just need confirmation of this or if there is another code for the colon lavage (44701) please. 44207, 44187, 44213, 44701 - (44701 is what I really need feedback on please). PROCEDURE: Laparoscopic coloanal resection with diverting loop ileostomy, takedown of splenic flexure, and on-table...
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    Wiki Help with bundling issue

    I have the attached op note for a incarcerated umbilical hernia repair w/ a small bowel perforation. I coded it as 49587. My physicians wants to also charge for the repair of perforation. To me that would be bundled, am I over thinking this? Can I charge for both and if so what code would I add...
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    Wiki ABThera closure of abdomen

    Please help! The physician placed an ABThera vac after a small bowel resection on a patient with an ischemic bowel. As per the physician the ABThera closure is not a normal vac it goes inside the entire abdominal cavity and states it is similar to a "bogota bag" and is disposable. I have...