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    Wiki 1995 Exam Elements

    Hello, I've been auditing evaluation & management documentation for a long time and I've noticed something about the 1995 exam guidelines that I could really use some help on from a fellow auditor or coder or whomever can help! I get the overall guidelines are based off of body areas and/or...
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    Wiki Auditing sheet for Ophthalmology

    I need assistance finding a good auditing form for Ophthalmology. I need assistance counting the bullets... any help is appreciate .
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    Wiki 1997 exam bullets

    I have an exam portion I need suggestions on with 1997 guidlines...... "WDWN. N nails and hair. Itchy, dry, erythematous and scaly rash on the left elbow and left knee. No rashes noted on R elbow, R knee, chest, and back." I am thinking only one bullet under the skin section section. However...