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    Question Highmark BS and CPT 69210 denials

    Hello, We are being denied by Highmark BS for the procedure code 69210. The denials have been for claims with and without an office visit. The claims submitted with an office visit have been submitted with the appropriate modifier (25). We have not seen any rejections for cerumen removal...
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    Novitas Solutions JL bundling of benign lesion of .5cm or less with closure

    Medicare is bundling excision of benign lesion .5cm or less with intermediate closure. Based on the CPT manual instructions that intermediate and complex closures should be reported separately, my physician wants to add a 59 modifier to the closure. It is my understanding that Medicare...
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    Bundling question

    Hello, repeat C-section and drainage of right ovarian cyst.....would the 58822 be considered bundled in the 59510? I'm thinking it is billable with 51 mod (as a related procedure)? Thanks!
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    Infusion and Transfusion Bundle?

    Hi All! If a patient is in the OR and receives blood products and clotting factors, would it be proper to code both the transfusion (36430) and the infusion (96365)? Thanks very much!!
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    81002 & Paramount

    Has anyone had success with urinalysis (81002) paying separately when billing w/ a prenatal office visit to Paramount? I'm finding that most bundle. I am aware this code's fee schedule varies payer to payer. Thanks for the input!
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    cryoblation in CT

    is there a way to bundle for supplies used in CT or is it better to bill all supplies separate?