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    Wiki S9480

    Hello, Could anyone tell me if code S9480 can be billed on the same day with evaluation and management services, case management, group therapy, and lab charges? Are all these ancillary services considered included in this per diem rate?
  2. C

    Wiki 27279 and 20931 denial

    Hello! I am new to a pain management office and have been going through denials that have gathered and noticed when 27279 and 20931 are being billed together, they almost always pay 27279 but will not pay 20931 stating you can not bill it separately. Has anyone had luck either adding a specific...
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    Wiki 30520 and 30930

    I have read that some say you can bill 30520 (septoplasty) and 30930 ( fracture nasal inferior turbinates) together and some say it is bundled. There is no NCCI edits so does anyone know if you can bill these codes together or if payers bundle these two codes?
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    Wiki Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL lesion removal denials due to bundled

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has been experiencing denials from Blue Cross when the claim includes a shave removal (eg. 11300) on one site and destruction of lesion using liquid nitrogen on another site (17000 or 17003) with two different diagnosis codes and a 59 modifier on the 17000/17003. We...
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    Wiki Entire spine x-rays vs individual codes for c spine, t spine and l spine

    I was wondering if anyone had information regarding billing the entire spine X-ray codes vs billing the individual codes for C-spine, T-spine and L-spine X-rays? Our radiology practice normally codes each body part separate, unless they are performing the scoliosis study. Is there any specified...
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    Wiki Pulse oximetry in ER 94760-94761

    I'm doing a little research to see if this is something we can bill for in the ER. I know Medicare & Medicaid will not pay for this service they consider it to be bundled with the E&M. I'm not sure on our commercial payers though.
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    Wiki partial nephrectomy with adrenelctomy

    Good morning everybody, i have a patient with ADRENAL cancer, INVADING THE UPPER POLE OF LT KIDNEY .... so the surgeon performed LT ADRENALECTOMY +PARTIAL UPPER POLE NEPHRECTOMY do i need to assign 60540 with 50240? or adrenelctomy is bundled into nephrectomy? I know that adrenelctomy is...
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    Wiki CPT 77280 bundled with 77301

    We received notice that simple sims 77280 are now going to be bundled into the APC payment for IMRT planning services. Are we to take it that the professional component is also bundled as we can still bill the professional component of the imaging 77014,26 but not the technical side?
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    Wiki 80301 and 80302 bundled?

    Has anyone seen any information on these codes being bundled? We are billing to some of our Medicaid plans and 80302 pays but 80301 denies stating CCI incidental to or part of primary procedure, CMS medicaid NCCI unbundling? Just looking for any insight into this. Thank you. We use an...
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    Wiki Segmental Mastectomy w/ additional margin excision

    Are re-cuts to the margin of a surgical eval & micro billed separately or should they be bundled into the primary surgical pathology code? I have a case for a localized segmental mastectomy with 2 specimens labeled: 1 Additional left breast medial-inferior margin,excision Breast tissue, no...