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    Wiki Opening Cardiology Coding Serive

    Opening a Cardiology Coding Service Hello everybody, I would like to have some guidance and advise from others that have opened a Coding/Billing service. I know that I need to get a license, but I don't remember which one and how or where to go to get it, also I'm getting an LLC. Any ideas...
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    Wiki Looking to Sell Small Medical Billing Business

    I have a small 8 provider Medical Revenue Management company I have had for 6 years I am interested in selling. I have ventured into a new business industry and that business is something I really want to continue to focus on. I have been making 60k-/+ for years now and this has been the sole...
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    Wiki HCCS Remote Coding Positions

    I am looking for feedback from any individuals Regarding HCCS HIM Services located in Fort Myers Florida. I have recently been contacted by HCCS for a remote coding position, and would like to make sure this is a legit business. Has anyone had any experience with this company? I would greatly...
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    Wiki Cpc certified ,the philippines

    looking for remote coding work :) praying for a good business partnership. helping you and helping my family as well. GOD bless