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    Question Unlisted code for sialendoscopy

    The doctor performed a salivary duct cannulation, salivary duct dilation, sialendoscopy, and salivary duct kenalog injection. I have code 42650 for the salivary duct dilation and I can't find a code for salivary duct cannulation. I found code 42660 Dilation and catheterization of salivary duct...
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    Aortogram with left lower extremity runoff. BL common femoral artery cannulation

    Self teaching myself Vascular coding - please help! Any resources, suggestions, tips, etc. are appreciated! GENERAL SURGERY PROCEDURE: Aortogram with left lower extremity runoff. Bilateral common femoral artery cannulation. Guidance None. General Procedure Type of procedure: angiogram...
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    ECMO cannulation in Xtreme preemies

    Salutations, ECMO cannulation does not allow assistant surgeons. That fact is certain. However, with an extreme preemie of less than 500 grams, sometimes an extra set of hands has proven greatly helpful (so my surgeons tell me). Has anyone else bumped into such an event and what has your...