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    Question Medicare CCM codes 99490 vs Care Management codes 98966,67,68

    Hello, I have been coding Chronic Care Management for almost 4 years. We use codes 99490 and 99439 (and rarely 99487). Within the past almost 2 years we have become PDCM certified so we began billing telehealth codes 98966,98967,98968 for PDCM eligible patients with BCBS, BCBS Medicare...
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    Care Management codes

    Recently the care managers in my office have started team conferences (G9007). They want to know if they can bill G9007 with a telephone call (98966) on the same day. I can't find a lot of information regarding this, so I'm hoping someone here can help. Basically; can G9007 and 98966 be billed...
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    Medicare case/care management

    Hello! We have case/care managers at our office that use the G9001 and G9002 for Coordinated care fee, initial rate, and coordinated care fee maintenance rate. With Medicare, they do not accept these codes, and do not pay anything on them. I am wondering if there is a different way to bill these...