1. L

    Career paths that can use coding experience but NOT coder/auditor/billing/compliance?

    I am an ED coder for the last 7 years, doing both facility and professional coding but am looking potentially at a career change. Does anyone have any suggestions for a career path where coding could be useful but is NOT a coder/auditor/billing/compliance? I'm thinking along the lines of...
  2. J

    Career opportunities I can branch out to with medical coding

    Hello everyone, Out of curiosity, what are other career options I can branch out to with experience in medical coding? I know auditing, compliance, teaching & management are options but are there any other ones I don't know about?
  3. R

    CPC-A Coder in Orlando area looking for a chance

    My name is Elizabeth Lavery and I earned my CPC-A in August 2017. I currently work for a company named PhysAssist, who employs physician's scribes. Through hard work and determination, I have learned a lot in my time with the company and will only continue to grow. What I lack in experience I...
  4. J

    How to advance career-wise?

    I am currently a physician's medical coder for a large hospital's medical group. I am making good money but I am curious as to how I can advance career-wise. I want a job that is unambiguous (i.e. not a lot of people know what medical coding is but we all know what a manager, director or lawyer...
  5. J

    Request for guidance

    Dear AAPC Medical Coding Forum, I am 43 years-old with a chronic health condition and began a Medical Coding Certificate Program through my local community college last spring. So far, I have completed Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, and this semester I am...
  6. breadjitjownz

    contract jobs, any advice?

    My current position is ending in march due to a role elimination. I might have a new position lined up, but...... I am wondering about contract work and how it... uh... works. I mean, I get that every place is different but overall how does it work? I would specifically like to hear from people...
  7. L

    Second career - Where to begin?

    I am working on my second career in medical coding. The first 20+ years of my life have been spent working with wildlife and more recently, in a veterinary setting. I already have a BS degree in forestry and wildlife. I explored medical coding alot as it is a 180 degree change from my first...