carpal tunnel release

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    Question bilateral carpal tunnel release 64721

    One of my surgeons are doing CTR on both wrists. I am unsure of how to correctly bill this code since bilateral is not allowed per the fee schedule. Can someone please help? I was thinking just to use 64721-RT, 64721-LT? Thanks.
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    excision of palmaris profundus!

    Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with my coding dilemma...during a typical Carpal Tunnel release the surgeon noted that there was an accessory tendon draped over the median nerve and defined it as a the palmaris profundus tendon. He excised this tendon. I am hoping someone can help me...
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    Are 64721 and 64719 code-able together?

    I have 2 well-versed sources telling me different guidelines to determine whether these two procedures are code-able together or not. Source 1 says that as long as I have a good applicable diagnosis justifying each release, there are legitimately two structures requiring release to cure two...