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    help with total contact cast (29445) and unna boot (29580) in wound care

    can anyone give me a circumstance when it would be appropriate to code both debridement 11042-11047 and total contact cast (29445) since they bundle, this is in a outpatient wound care place of service
  2. J

    Manipulation of previous fracture and re-casting in the office

    My Ortho billed the global codes for fracture care without manipulation for a patient who had a tib-fib fracture. The patient presented to the office for a follow-up visit with a complaint that the cast was too tight and bothering her. He removed the cast and x-rays show that the fracture site...
  3. D

    29045 cast change

    hi I have a question, new to orthopedic coding and billing, can we bill a cast change during the post op period, along with the supplies, I see they have been billing it but I think it may be incorrect, any feedback would help thank you
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    cast change 29075 and q4009

    can cast change be billed in the post op period? along with cast supplies? does anyone know
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    Cast removal under anesthesia

    Has anyone coded out a cast removal under anesthesia? What code have you used in the past? One would be for an 101 year old femur cast removal and the other and infant tibula/fibula cast removal. Thank you for your input. Kelly