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    Wiki After CDI queries...

    Question: I'm an inpatient coder at a large hospital. I am new, so not quite sure how to deal with this situation. After CDI has done their initial review on a chart, did some early queries and received answers back, BUT as the patient's hospital stay continued on, other doctors specified the...

    Wiki In compliance: Is asking the Provider for M.E.A.T in a Query consider leading ?

    Just curious about professional CDIs and/or Compliance Reps. opinion Is Querying and asking the Provider for M.E.A.T in a diagnosis they presented considered leading ? YES / NO WHY ?
  3. S

    Wiki Coding Query Escalation P&P

    Would anyone happen to have a sample policy & procedure they could share related to Coding Query Escalation and/or Clinical Documentation Improvement Escalation? Thanks! Scott
  4. stephanieannec

    Wiki Need Help Finding Resources

    I am sitting for the CDEO exam in December and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions regarding a good manual regarding clinical documentation improvement and/or if anyone has tips who has taken this exam. I already ordered the practice exams but I think a manual would be great for the...